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sofer writing tefillin, dancing with Torah scrolls
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Shel Yad (Arm Tefillin)

I am:


If you are fully-ambidextrous, then you are considered Right-Handed for tefillin. However, if you use one hand for writing and the other hand for other activities, such as eating or throwing, please consult your rabbi or contact us to determine if you should order Right-Handed or Left-Handed tefillin.

Shel Yad (Arm Tefillin) Wrapping Style

Ashkenaz (counterclockwise)
Sfard (clockwise)

Shel Rosh (Head Tefillin) Knot Style

Square-Shaped Knot
Dalet-Shaped Knot


If you are also ordering Tefillin Bags, the cost for shipping your Tefillin Bags (up to 3 bags per pair of Tefillin) will be included in the shipping cost for the Tefillin.

Note that preparation of tefillin can take 2-3 weeks. Contact us if you need them urgently.

Registered Airmail (10 - 15 days) from Israel: $11.95 plus $4.95 each additional tefillin
3-Day Express from Israel with EMS: $24.95 plus $12.95 for each additional tefillin
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