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Torah Scrolls

Fulfill the 613th Biblical commandment! Acquire a Torah scroll!

Torah scrolls are available in 3 main styles of writing. This applies to megillahs, tefillin and mezuzah scrolls as well. The Bais Yosef style is that which is used by Ashkenazim. Most Chassidim use the Arizal style, which is very similar to Bais Yosef other than minor changes to a number of letters. The Sephardim have a different style of writing which is referred to as Vellish. Chabad, Lubavitch, may prefer that the Torah is written in the Alter Rebbi version of Arizal. This is considerably more difficult to write and hence more costly.

bar mitzvah boy reading from the sefer Torah, torah scrollThe standard height for an Ashkenazic Torah scroll is 17-1/2 and 19 inches (45/48cm). The 16-1/2” (42cm) tall Sefer Torah is becoming more popular since it is lighter yet the text is large enough to see and read easily. The standard height for a Sephardic Torah scroll is 20 and 22 inches (50/56cm). Torah scrolls are available in smaller sizes as well but there will likely be fewer options to choose from and may cost more. We suggest a standard size Sefer Torah unless you are restricted by space or the Torah scroll will be transported frequently. The 42 and 45cm heights are lightweight and should be light enough for an elderly congregation. The Sephardic Torah scrolls tend to be quite heavy, particularly if in a Torah case. A smaller Sephardic Torah, while much less common, can be commissioned. Bear in mind that the heights refer to the klaf, parchment only.

Torah scrolls are available for immediate purchase or you can commission one of our sofrim, Torah scribes, to write one from scratch, which generally takes 12 – 15 months. Some sofrim write quicker, particularly those writing Vellish, Sephardi, and some are willing to write a Sefer Torah over 2 – 3 years. Torah scrolls are also available in various stages of the writing. So whether you need a Torah scroll on short notice, in 6 months or in a year or more, they are available in various stages of completion or to be written to fit your needs.

The advantage of having a Sefer Torah commissioned from scratch is that it can be paid for over the course of the writing and it usually costs around 10% less than a (partially) completed Torah scroll of comparable quality. On the other hand, a completed Torah is readily available and can be reviewed from beginning to end before committing to its purchase. There is also no risk that the sofer will not finish on time or, albeit unlikely, that he will not be able to complete the Torah, requiring that a 2nd sofer complete it.

sofer stam writing a Torah scrolls, sefer TorahEach Torah scroll is written by a qualified sofer on high quality klaf, parchment. The Sefer Torah is then checked by 2 experienced examiners and is also checked 2 times by computer, primarily for textual errors. The Torah scroll is professionally sewn together and on the Ashkenazic Torah scrolls (or any Torah scroll to be attached to Torah rollers) parchment patches are placed on upper and lower part between each section to prevent the stitching from loosening or tearing.

Torah scrolls are available on handmade, avodas yad klaf.

Why do Torah scrolls seemingly cost so much and why the wide variance in prices?

Click on the appropriate link from our Judaica catalog for your entire related Sefer Torah needs. We carry a full line of Torah scroll ornaments from the top craftsmen in Israel. If you do not find what you like, commission one of our craftsmen to create it according to your design.

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