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STAM, under the direction of Rabbi Yerachmiel Askotzky a certified sofer, scribe, examiner and batim expert, is a full service center for all your Torah, tefillin, mezuzah and megillah needs.

We provide STAM with the highest standards, with the best kashrus assurance and at the most reasonable and competitive prices.

Please see the rabbinical recommendations and testimonials page for some of the letters we have received from satisfied customers and rabbis worldwide.

Among our services to individuals, rabbis, synagogues, schools, institutions and organizations include:

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  1. Torah writing projects (an excellent fundraiser and community/institution unifier) Read about our "Tree of Life" program kit that will provide you with everything you'll need to organize and implement a successful Torah project.
  2. Community and school tefillin and/or mezuzah checking campaigns Educational program about Torahs and tefillin
  3. Excellent and unique fundraising, dedication and gift ideas
  4. All your Torah needs such as machine and hand embroidered Torah covers, wood and silver Torah rollers, sterling silver crowns, breastplates and pointers, Sephardic Torah cases all direct from Israel from the finest and most experienced manufacturers in the business!
  5. Custom designed embroidery. Work with our designer to create your unique Torah cover and more
  6. Custom ordered megillah cases and Torah ornaments from our master wood craftsmen and silversmiths. Work with them to create your exquisite, one of a kind, heirloom piece
  7. Quality tefillin and mezuzahs meeting all budgets, customs and requests including any hiddurim. The catalog is a basic selection of popular STaM. If you don't see it please ask!
  8. Special discounts for bulk orders and regular accounts. Contact us for details.

Why Choose STAM?

There are many reasons to choose STAM! Please review the list below and browse through the site. We feel confident that you will clearly see the advantages even before contacting us! We are well known for our courteous, prompt, honest and professional service! We anxiously wait to hear from you!

  1. Tefillin being checked and repaired Our sofrim are all certified and experienced.
  2. We know our sofrim personally. That means we can personally vouch for their integrity! (Many US sources purchase 2nd or 3rd hand and do not know the sofrim.)
  3. Everything is examined by 2 certified and experienced examiners. (Many sources only require the tefillin and mezuzahs be checked by one examiner, which we consider negligent.)
  4. We don't just check the ksav to ensure that it's kosher but that it should also meet the halachic standard corresponding to its value.
  5. All tefillin and mezuzahs are computer checked for textual errors.
  6. The level and value of mehudar tefillin and mezuzahs cannot be classified based only on the halachic and aesthetic appearance of the writing. While it is a very important factor, the type of klaf and how the sofer and examiner make corrections is of equal significance. This requires that the seller be familiar (in knowledge and practically) with both the visible and non visible details. Based on the aesthetic and halachic status of the visible writing we instruct the sofrim to use the appropriate klaf and maintain certain correction procedures and direct the examiners to check and fix accordingly. This way we can faithfully gauge the correct standard of hiddur and hence the value. (Unfortunately, this is not the standard procedure of most sellers.)
  7. We always impress upon our sofrim to improve. Part of our process in vetting a sofer's reliability and worthiness is if he's eager to improve his writing. Unfortunately, many sellers are unable to help their sofrim grow due to lack of knowledge or because they don't know the sofrim or because they don't care enough. Many sofrim who come to us after writing for even years are suddenly made to realize that improvements are required or at least recommended. Some are aware but became complacent because no one urged them to improve and others became so used to writing a certain way that they didn't realize their mistakes or bad habits. From the moment a sofer contacts us, we will review his writing and point out what requires improvement and will continue to do if he works with us.
  8. We carefully choose each pair of batim from one of our reliable makers. We use only high quality, nicely finished, gasos batim made under independent rabbinical supervision.
  9. Tefillin are beautifully and correctly assembled and sealed by one knowledgeable in the related halachah. Parshios are never forced into the batim making them difficult to extract and putting undue pressure on the lettering. The parshios are also inserted to the proper depth so the fulfillment of the mitzvah is not affected. (One may end up fulfilling the mitzvah at a minimal level or even worse, even with the most mehudar parshios, due to them being negligently inserted.)
  10. We use only high quality, all black, handmade retzuos made under independent rabbinical supervision. Not all black retzuos are available by request.
  11. The kesher of the retzuah shel yad is fastened to the side of bayis to ensure that it touches at all times. (This is generally required only for Ashkenaz wrapping.)
  12. With our extensive experience and shimush under one of the leading poskim in STaM we pasken most shailahs. The few shailos we are unable to answer are presented to one of the foremost halachic authorities in the field of STaM.
  13. Tefillin being assembledWe are highly recommended by Rabbinical authorities worldwide
  14. We are an established (1989), recognized and respected source for all your STaM needs, not just another nameless and "addressless" internet business. You know exactly with whom you are dealing with and where to find us.
  15. When you purchase from STAM you are acquiring torahs, tefillin, mezuzahs and megillahs made, written and assembled under our scrutiny and according to our demands. Therefore, we know exactly what we are offering you and can professionally assist you in making the correct purchase that meets your needs and budget.
  16. We are committed exclusively to STaM and related Judaica enabling us to concentrate our time and effort in offering STaM with the highest standards and most reasonable prices.
  17. We cut out the middlemen by working directly with the sofrim, artists and manufacturers bringing you considerable savings!

Buy STAM. Save Big!

STAM is totally committed to the support of our Brethren in Israel! With your purchase not only do you get STaM with the highest kashrus standards within reason, pay a very reasonable price and get great service but you also share in supporting Israel at this difficult time. More than 20 hands are involved in the creation of a pair of tefillin- meaning that your tefillin purchase helps support more than 20 families in Israel!

Buy STAM. Support Israel!

Be Aware!

A significant percentage of virtual and real purveyors of tefillin and mezuzahs have minimal or no knowledge of the halachah, Jewish law, related to the merchandise they provide. (Many sources that carry mezuzah cases also sell mezuzah scrolls as a convenience for their customers. Unfortunately, as well meaning as they are, the quality of these scrolls are often very poor and frequently questionably kosher, if that.) Therefore, they must rely exclusively on their suppliers. In addition, they cannot provide expert advice nor can they verify the kashrus or quality of the merchandise they provide. Furthermore, they do not know the sofrim personally and become another link in the chain of suppliers. A potentially hazardous formula for questionable merchandise, poor advice and high prices!

Buy STAM. Buy Smart!

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