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Community Checking Campaign

Rabbi Askotzky has visited many Yeshivahs and communities in Israel, Canada and the U.S to provide tefillin and mezuzah checking and repair services. He has met with great success and customer satisfaction on his checking "tours". He generally organizes 1- 2 checking campaign "tours" each year. Youth program about the Torah scroll

He will visit your community, school or synagogue to offer the most expert services available including: examinations of mezuzah scrolls and tefillin parchments; complete examinations, repairs and refinishing of tefillin batim and painting of tefillin straps and minor Torah and megillah repairs (larger scale repairs need to be done on our premises).

He will gladly answer any questions, consult, at no cost, with those in the market for new Torahs, tefillin, mezuzahs or megillahs and can arrange to do presentations for adults or children in a classroom or more relaxed setting.

Rabbi Askotzky travels with a full inventory of mezuzahs, cases, tefillin and parts thereof, in addition to all his required equipment, for your convenience.

For further details and scheduling please contact us.