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STAM will not share your personal information with anyone, under any circumstances, unless required by law.

Secure online payment
We use Paypal, the largest online payment service on the internet! Paypal is owned E-bay. They maintain the highest levels of security for our protection.

Payment options
Payment can be made securely, online by credit card or virtual check with Paypal. Paypal is owned by E-bay and is easy to use, secure and 100% reliable.

Those items that do not have a link to PayPal are special orders, custom orders, or items or services that require our personal assistance. Once a price is finalized and you are ready to place the order, please contact us.

In addition, Payment can be made by money order, bank or cashiers check or personal check. In the case of a check, we reserve the right to ship orders only once the check has cleared. This option will slow down the shipping of your order.

All checks must be made payable to STAM. See the contact page for our mailing address.

Prior to quoting a price on a Torah scroll, (illuminated) megillah and special/custom orders we will need to be informed of the intended mode of payment.

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Torah Payments & Return Policy
Payment for a Torah scroll must be made in full before we can release it to your ownership. The same is true with any purchase. The final installment, for purchases that are payable in installments, must be received before taking possession or shipping of the item.

Completed Torahs are paid in one full payment.

Torah scrolls that are in the midst of being written require a down payment. The general policy is that the Torah is paid for to the point it has been written at the time of purchase plus one additional payment to cover the forthcoming month. For example, if the Torah is half done the down payment is 50% plus one additional month's payment. A payment plan for the balance is negotiated. The final payment is required before the Torah scroll leaves our premises.

A down payment is required upon commissioning a new Torah scroll. This payment will be approximately $5,000 to cover the cost of parchment and the first monthly payment to the sofer.

No Torah scroll or sofer can be reserved without a monetary commitment, to be negotiated.

Payments and commitments are non refundable. Hence, for example, if you want to cancel your order of a Torah in the midst of its writing we will either send you the section of the Torah that you have paid for to date, less any expenses we incur due to your cancellation plus a cancellation fee of $1000 or if we consider it feasible, we will consider trying to sell the Torah and upon receipt of full payment of the completed Torah from the new buyer we will refund your money less any loss incurred due to your cancellation and less the cancellation fee.

We cannot accept returns on a completed Torah or megillah. It is your obligation to review the entire Torah scroll and megillah before making the purchase. You are free to examine the entire scroll or arrange for someone more knowledgeable or in closer proximity to do so. We will gladly assist you and point out things that we notice that may be of concern to you. We have nothing to hide and only have your best interest and complete satisfaction in mind!

We expect that the sofrim we commission or who we contract in the midst of their Torahs to maintain the same style and quality of handwriting throughout. We know that when you choose to commission a sofer you have made your choice based on seeing samples of his work to date or a section of the actual Torah or megillah that is in the midst of being written and expect it to be of at least comparable quality throughout. We impress upon you to take an active role by occasionally reviewing the Torah throughout its being written so you can personally (or via a messenger) confirm that the sofer is maintaining the expected quality throughout his writing. If the sofer is not maintaining the same standard then the issue will be dealt with according to halachah. We will not accept cancellations for any other reason.

If a problem in future is found that is our responsibility please contact us so that we can work out a mutually acceptable way to handle it.

All halachic issues that may arise will be presented to Harav Hagaon R. Mordechai Friedlander, SHLIT"A, halachic authority of the Vaad Mishmeres Stam in Jerusalem, for his decision.

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Torah Restoration
Please read the Torah restoration page for our guarantee policy.

A 50% down payment is required for the Torah restoration process to begin. If we have not been hired to provide an estimate we will determine the approximate cost and require 50% of the approximation in advance. The balance is due upon completion. Upon determining the completion date, hopefully at least 4 weeks in advance, we will inform you so you can be prepared to submit payment of the balance.

Full payment for restoration, estimates and appraisals are required prior to our releasing the Torah scroll.

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Torah Purchases and Torah Writing Projects
We request that before contacting us you come to a general decision how much you intend to spend for a Torah scroll and have a timetable for completion. If this is not possible without first consulting us we ask that you make this decision a priority once you have consulted with us so we can direct our efforts in presenting you with accurate Torah scroll options. Your time and our time are very precious and with a target to focus on from the outset valuable time will be saved.

Once we have a clear picture of your needs we can then discuss the planning and expense of our participation in your Torah project, if desired. A payment plan for our participation in on site presentations, workshops, etc., will be negotiated.

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Special & Custom orders and Personalization- payment and return policy
There is no return for exchange or credit for any special order, custom order such as megillah illuminations, custom designed Torah ornaments and personalized items such as embroidery with names/dedications. If it arrives damaged or defected we reserve the right to repair it. If an error was made due to our fault or that of the embroiderer or silversmith it will be corrected or exchanged as we see fit.

Special orders refer to any item that cannot be purchased on the website via our shopping cart.

Prior to starting your custom order we will generally present you with a sketch or plan from the artist or manufacturer. Upon receiving your confirmation in writing to go ahead and payment in full we will proceed with the order.

In addition to the tefillin and mezuzahs shown, we have or have easy access to batim, mezuzahs and parshios of all customs, sizes and hiddurim. Simply tell us what you need! Are you interested in Chabad, Shimusha Rabba, Arizal or tiny batim or parshios written according to the Atler Rebbe, Arizal? On hand made klaf, etc? Upon placement of special tefillin or mezuzah orders we require payment in full and there is no option for exchange or credit. If they arrive damaged we reserve the right to repair them rather than exchange them or give credit.

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Price Changes
Prices are subject to change without notice at any time. We will try to update the website as often as necessary.

The pictures of the mezuzah scrolls and tefillin parchments are samples of what we offer but are not the exclusive options within those price ranges. Substitutions will be of comparable halachic and aesthetic quality.

All regular stock mezuzah scrolls should ship within 14 days and tefillin should ship within 21 days of receipt of order and payment. In the event of an unlikely delay we will plan to update you.

All Torah ornaments and embroidery will likely take 10- 21 days to ship. We will provide details with each order and update you as needed.

Torah rollers can take anywhere from 10 days to 8 weeks to ship depending on the time of year, style ordered and whether the size is considered a special order.

Please note that we will not process orders during (and possibly a few days before and after) Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur through Succos, Pesach, shavuos and Tisha B’av. Orders received during Chanukah may be slightly delayed.

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Most products are shipped from Israel. Items from Israel are shipped express EMS, which typically takes 3-5 business days. You may have an option for shipping by registered mail from Israel that, on average, requires 10-15 days. Mezuzah scroll orders to the US will often be mailed with First Class mail with delivery confirmation, which is a little faster and does not require a signature. We will provide the tracking number at your request. The package can be tracked at the Israeli Postal Authority. Orders shipped by EMS Express to the US, can also be tracked at the US Postal Service website as well and should be trackable on any country’s online postal service tracking service. The 13 digit tracking number must be typed with no spaces or dashes, for example: EE123456789IL. Note that registered and EMS from Israel require a signature and it is your responsibility to be available to receive delivery or the attempted delivery notice so you can arrange for redelivery or to collect it from your local post office.

We bear no responsibility for delays due to the postal service or customs. If you are not available to receive delivery or do not arrange redelivery or pick up at the post office after an attempted delivery, in which case a notice will be left, then you bear responsibility for the delay and cost to reship and we will not refund an order in such a case.

Customer Service
We make every effort to be available to receive your calls. If you cannot reach us please leave a clear message and when and how we can reach you. We generally reply to our e-mails within a matter of hours and that is the best way to reach us. We will not be available on Friday, Shabbat, Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, Succot, Shavuot, Pesach and Tisha B’av and the eve of all these holidays.

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Torah Rollers Policy
Bear in mind that the diameter of the plates for parchments of 45cm and taller will be approximately 7" (17.5cm) unless requested otherwise. Many older Torahs have thicker parchment and should have larger plates. It is your responsibility to request the larger plates and bear in mind that there is a 20% charge for this special order so you must place such an order by phone. You can either measure the present diameter of the plates of your rollers that are being replaced or tightly roll the entire Torah to one side and measure the diameter of the parchment.

We will not accept any returns if the wrong diameter is ordered or not requested and they cannot be corrected once made. Your only option will be to use the rollers as is or purchase a new pair at full price.

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Return Policy
Upon receipt of your order please review it carefully to make sure it is in good condition and meets your satisfaction.

Other than custom, special and personalized orders, Torahs and megillahs, purchases can be exchanged or returned for credit plus a 5% restocking fee on condition we receive your request to do so within 7 days of the receipt of the order and the item(s) are returned within 14 days of receipt. Beyond this time we may consider accepting exchanges or return for credit.

If the cause for return, for exchange or credit, is not due to damage or a halachic problem then you will be charged for shipping the item purchased with credit or the item being send in exchange.

Exchanges and returns must be returned in their original condition. Be certain to pack the item correctly and insure it for its value. If they are not found to be in their original condition we reserve the right not to accept them or reevaluate your credit to their present value or to deduct the cost to repair them to their original state.

Shipment charges will not be reimbursed or credited for exchanges or credit for a future order if the cause for return is not due to a physical or halachic defect.
We make every effort that everything that leaves our premises is in top condition. If you receive your order damaged please contact us immediately in case we need to arrange reimbursement from our shipper and so we can replace or repair your damaged order.

Any problem that arises due to your mishandling or negligence or due to time or nature is your responsibility. Please see the caring for your… link for important and practical tips.

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Torah and Megillah Scrolls- return policy
See Torah payments above.

Tefillin and Mezuzah scrolls - return policy
Any tefillin or mezuzah scrolls that are returned due to a halachic or aesthetic defect will be accepted for exchange or credit and not incur a restocking fee and we will pay the cost to return it to us if it determined by a halachic authority of STaM that the cause for return is valid. If the tefillin are determined to meet the proper halachic and aesthetic standard or if the cause of return is not one of the above we reserve the right to send the purchase back as is. Returns must be brought to our attention within 7 days of receipt of order and made within 14 days of receipt of order. We may consider returns beyond this time. (See below.) If the cause for return is an acceptable aesthetic or halachic issue then we reserve the right to repair it, when possible, rather than exchange it or give credit. Special ordered tefillin and mezuzahs will not be accepted for exchange or credit other than for halachic or acceptable aesthetic problems to be determined by a halachic authority of STaM.

STAM accepts responsibility for the following:

  1. For missing or extra letters, or a letter that was originally written improperly, as judged by our halachic authority, for the life of the tefillin or mezuzah.
  2. For the fading of ink that causes a letter to become invalid, invalidating the tefillin or part thereof, or the mezuzah, as judged by our halachic authority, for a period of 20 years.
  3. For the development of any crack in the ink that invalidates the tefillin or part thereof, or the mezuzah, as judged by our halachic authority, for a period of five years. This problem is almost impossible to anticipate at the time of writing and the original checking. If we have any suspicion that the mezuzah or tefillin will become invalid due to cracking, even in the course of many years, we will not sell it!
  4. For cracks and fading of the paint on the batim for a period of one year. Please note that the base of the batim are pressed together. There are many natural folds and occasionally a very fine crack in the paint may show along one of these folds. Unless the crack is on the top edge and your fingernail catches in it, this in no way affects the kashrus of the tefillin. Similarly, the bases of the batim are hermetically sealed. Occasionally the seal may open very slightly due to moisture or temperature. Unless the seal opens wide the tefillin are 100% kosher.

We accept responsibility for cracks and fading in the batim only when the tefillin have been properly cared for and correctly maintained. In addition, if the batim are opened or repaired by someone else we reserve the right not to accept further responsibility for them if we have any suspicion that the problem arose from the manner in which they were handled or repaired.

Tefillin straps should last 5-10 years with proper care and occasional touching up. See Caring for your tefillin. We will consider replacing tefillin straps within the first year if they seem to be defective. This may include premature stretching, peeling of paint, and tears or weak spots in the leather.

We are willing to consider any complaint. STAM's policy is to present any doubts to its halachic authority for an impartial, halachic decision.

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Copyright and reproduction of website pages
Text, graphics, images and parts thereof from our website require permission to reproduce. Permission will likely be granted for limited personal and educational use. We reserve the right to refuse permission. In addition, the following phrase must be placed in a conspicuous place and be clearly readable on each printed sheet and on each Internet page in which any of the above are used:

Copyright 2003 STAM / Rabbi Yerachmiel Askotzky
Reprinted with permission
Author of Tefillin & Mezuzos: A sofer shows you how to choose, maintain and understand your tefillin, mezuzah and Torah scrolls - Targum Press

Text, graphics images, etc. and parts thereof may not be reproduced for commercial use.

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