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Shalom Aleichem!

Do you have any questions for the sofer STaM, Torah scribe, about the scribal arts or the laws and customs related to Torah scrolls, tefillin, mezuzah scrolls and megillah scrolls? Please fill out the form below and submit your questions to the sofer STaM, Torah scribe. If we are unsure of an answer we will research it or consult with a halachic authority. We try to reply within 24 hours to questions that do not require research.

Torah, tefillin and mezuzah montageThe answers to the most common questions we receive are answered on the website. Please check the appropriate educational links on the lower, left side to see if your answer may be found there. Issues such as: What is tefillin, mezuzah and megillah, how to adjust the head tefillin, how to put on tefillin, where and how to put up a mezuzah scroll, etc., have all been anticipated and therefore we made the answers readily available on the site. We apologize that we will be unable to answer questions that are clearly answered on the website nor any questions not related to our field of expertise. If your question is likely answered on the website but you are still unclear please tell us.

Those with questions unrelated to our field of expertise are kindly requested to submit them to one of the many Ask the Rabbi sites.


Rabbi Yerachmiel Askotzky

For more information about Rabbi Askotzky and STAM please visit the About Us page.

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