The ancient art of silver smithing, part of Jewish tradition since biblical times, lives on in the stunning works of Netafim, one of Israel’s most renowned and respected crafters of sterling silver Judaica.

Born in 1914 to a family of silver artisans, founder, Shimon Nataf, learned his craft as a child. As time passed, he became recognized as one of the foremost silver artisans in Tunisia.

Immigrating to Israel with his family in 1947, Shimon Nataf bid his sons to follow in his footsteps, teaching them the exacting and demanding craft of silver and precious metal smithing including Torah ornaments.

Today, the Nataf brothers, Eli, Dani, Efi, Chaim and Gadiand, and their staff of highly skilled craftsmen continue to create unique, hand worked items, some preserving the techniques and forms of ancient treasures and others reflecting modern influences. Many are one-of-a-kind treasures made for synagogues and private collectors around the world.

Stam - Torah scrolls, megillah scrolls, tefillin and mezuzah scroll
sofer writing tefillin, dancing with Torah scrolls
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