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STAM, under the guidance of master sofer STaM and author, Rabbi Yerachmiel Askotzky, provides kosher tefillin (tefillin gassot or gasos), from Israel with the highest standards of halachah, quality and beauty at the most reasonable prices! We also offer mehudar tefillin, traveling tefillin (miniature tefillin), Rabbeinu Tam tefillin, Chabad tefillin, Arizal - Chassidic tefillin and Sephardic tefillin.

sofer STaM showing a bar mitzvah boy how to put on tefillin, teffilin, phylacteries rabbi teaching a bar mitzvah boy how to put on tefillin, teffilin, phylacteries Celebrating bar mitzvah in new tefillin, teffilin, phylacteries, in Israel

Bar mitzvah tefillin

Tefillin or phylacteries are the most prominent and beloved mitzvah we fulfill upon becoming bar mitzvah. It is imperative that we acquire bar mitzvah tefillin or at any age from a reliable sofer STaM, Torah scribe.

Torah scrolls, Mezuzah scrolls, Megillah scrolls

We are also a leading source for Torah scrolls (sifrei Torah), Torah cases, Torah rollers - etz chaims, Torah covers (Torah mantles), Torah ornaments, tefillin bags, sterling tefillin cases, mezuzot (mezuzos), mezuzah scrolls. Please contact us about sefer Torah projects for fundraisers!

We now offer a full range of synagogue embroidery including Torah ark curtains, parochet (paroches), bimah covers and amud covers.


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