Code: tefillin-SG3
Price: $945.00

Parshios: The sofer of these tefillin depends on availabilty and the price may change slightly. If you'd like to see the parshiot that we'll use then contact us. The writing is very mehudar and very beautiful. The sofer writes with a quill Not metal,etc., as has become commom among Sephardi sofrim). The tagin are written by the sofer using a kulmus (quill) and sofer's ink. The klaf is avodat yad (handmade).

Batim: These batim are made by Shapira. They are gasos batim, which is the finest type made. They are beautifully finished, very sturdy, high quality and are graded as halachically mehudar. They are made under the independent supervision of Harav Moshe Shaul Klein Shlit’a of Bnei Brak. Please contact us if interested in details about these batim and other more mehudar options.

Retzuos: These all black retzuot are excellent quality, halachically mehudar and handmade by Shimborsky or Mendrazitsky in Israel under the independent supervision of the Edah Hacharedit.

Comments: SOme Sephardim are particular that the writing of the parshiot shel yad fits completely within the upper cube of the bayit. This is an additional $30.