Bais Yosef
Code: tefillin-GA5
Price: $1,495

Parshios: The sofer of these tefillin is certified. He resides in Beit Shemesh and is in his mid 30’s. He learns in kollel at least 1/2 day and is a very fine ben Torah. The writing is beautiful, mehudar and conforms to the highest standards of halachah. Corrections are made according to the strictest opinions (Avnei Nezer, Rashba and Radach). The most exacting consumer will be thrilled to own such parshios.

Batim: They are gasos batim, which is the finest type made. They are beautifully finished, very sturdy, high quality and are the makers most mehudar batim. In addition to the standard hiddurim, such as no glue between the 4 compartments of the shel rosh, the hides tanned by hand, no holes between the 4 compartments of the shel rosh, no question of the hides coming from a first born animal owned by a Jew and the Shins made lemehadrin they are also manually squared and the gid that is drawn between the base of the 4 compartments of the upper cube of the shel rosh is visible on the outside of the batim. They are made under the independent supervision of Harav Moshe Shaul Klein Shlit’a of Bnei Brak. Please contact us if interested in more details about these batim, additional hiddurim (such as those made with fresh/non salted hides (not salted by a non Jew), batim from higher end makers (miksha) or with more strict independent supervision.

Retzuos: The all black retzuos are avodas yad, handmade in Israel by one of the top makers, Shimborsky or Mendrazitsky, under the strict supervision of the Edah Charedis.

Comments: The handmade klaf is made without condition and is at least l'shem sefer Torah. The hides are fresh or salted lishma. If you specifically want klaf l'shem kedushas tefillin and not sanded on the back as per the opinion of the Nishmas Adam let us know. The klaf is made under the hechsher of the Badatz Edah Hacharedis. Those interested in even more beautiful tefillin should contact us.Need Arizal? Do you prefer the Stuma according to the Rambam? We can also offer parshios with the Yudei ha'Alef according to the Pri Megadim and the tagin Shatnez Getz according to the Magen Avraham and the hakpados of Rav Elyashiv.