Bais Yosef
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Price: $995.00

Parshios: The sofer is in his late 40's, Chassidic,certified and lives near Jerusalem. The writing is attractive and is halachically mehudar. Corrections are made according to the strictest opinions (Avnei Nezer, Rashba and Radach). The klaf is avodas yad, handmade, without any condition, l'shem kedushas TEFILLIN.The hides for the klaf are fresh or salted lishma and are not sanded on the back like the opinion of the Nishmas Adam. The klaf is made under the hechsher of the Badatz Edah Charedis. These parshios are also available, by special order according to the Chassidic, Arizal custom

Batim: They are gasos batim, which is the finest type made. They are beautifully finished, very sturdy, high quality and are graded as halachically mehudar. There is no glue between the 4 compartments of the shel rosh, the hides are tanned by hand, there are no holes between the 4 compartments of the shel rosh, there is no question of the hides coming from a first born animal owned by a Jew and the Shins are made lemehadrin. They are made under the independent supervision of Harav Moshe Shaul Klein Shlit’a of Bnei Brak. Please contact us if you are interested in the details about these batim. We also offer batim with additional hiddurim (such as ribua regel/hand squared) and from higher end makers and with more strict supervision.

Retzuos: These ALL BLACK retzuos are avodas yad, handmade and are excellent quality and are halachically mehudar. They are made by one of the top makers, Shimborsky or Mendrazitsky, in Israel under the strict, independent supervision of the Edah Charedis.